Stretching A Lifeline

We are BAWT.tech and CK-Kuya.com: We are bridging the gap between laying off staff and closing business doors. Securing salaries and revenue. Helping to keep business flowing while the unemployed still have the means for earnings.

COVID-19 Lifeline

All those people, business owner and employees, we are all the same, having the same need and desires. Where COVID-19 seek to destroy we seek to reinforce and unite.

Some jobs cannot be saved, but we can help your business to thrive. We encourage business owners to setup your discount certificates, vouchers, gift cards and we will sell them for you at 10-15% cost to you per certificate value.

Let’s build something together.

Put a value on your discount cards and send us each downloadable banner or direct links we can place on our websites. We will in-turn send you paid and committed customers who will move your goods and service from your shelves and keep your business thriving. We all must overcome this pandemic together.

Reach out to CONTACT US;

Reach out by an email, to open a dialogue, as phone calls do run into phone tagging and waste of time. Otherwise; point us to your coupons and certificates collections should you have one setup for automation.

At our end, we are in the early planning mode for hosting a ‘Crowdfunding Raffle’ by our marketing strategies for purposes of:

  • Funding for this new business development,
  • Financial assistance for damage communities as help to rebuild where suffered severe damage leaving much atrocities behind.
  • To assist participating companies restore jobs and stay in business, through increased sales from our proposed sales campaign,
  • For continued earnings to families who have lost jobs.
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Over The Top Fundraising

We are currently organizing a never before on Guinness Book of Records, a ‘Cycle Marathon’ for the same reasons. We will shortly be issuing an invitation to SME companies for their participation and for sponsoring opportunities.

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